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-David Attenborough
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Four New Species Discovered

In Peru, four new species were discovered. The forest in which these animals live in is nicknamed "Heaven".

Night Monkey
The name of this monkey has not been confirmed, but this monkey lies in the group called, night monkeys. Night monkeys are vulnerable and hard to find. This monkey has been put on the endangered species list and is under protection by the Peruvian government.

Common Shrew Opossum
This shrew opossum, also known as the marsupial shrew,  is actually twice the size of its closest relative. It is also the biggest of its species. This species has a long tail, long, pointy snout, and defined ears.

Enigmatic Porcupine
Because of its dark fur, extremely long quills, and large size, this species has been named, the enigmatic porcupine. This species is completely different then other porcupine species.

Small Eared Shrew
This species of shrew is not actually called the small eared shrew. The species has not been named yet. This species is much smaller than normal, super small eyes an ears, and eats insects. Not much is known about this shrew.

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