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-David Attenborough
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bald Eagle Nest Cams


Decorah, Iowa: The Raptor Resource Project has been watching this nest since 2009, and has observed 17 eaglets. There are currently three eggs in the snow-covered nest, the third one laid on March 2.

Brookfield, Maine: Cameras allow a glimpse of nature in the raw, which can be unforgiving. Last year one of two cameras in Brookfield transmitted images of a dying eaglet that raised concern from online watchers. Conservationists advise not interfering with birds, even when they are in harm's way.

Ft. Meyers, Florida: Located on private property farther south than many other eagle cams, this nest is home to a 10-week-old bird that spent much of February strengthening its wings. Soon the young bird will take its first flight.

Mount Berry, Georgia: Keeping an eye on a pair that nested very late in the season last year, Berry College has used interest in the camera to help educate the public about bald eagles. They hosted an hour-long Q and A with Berry College professor and eagle expert ReneƩ Carleton, who answered questions from email and Twitter such as, "Why did the dad bury the unhatched egg?"

Redding, California: Liberty and Spirit, the pair nesting in view of this camera in northern California's Turtle Bay Exploration Park, are unusual because Spirit is the second male to mate with Liberty. Her previous mate, Patriot, died last year.

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