"It is that range of biodiversity that we must care for - the whole thing - rather than just one or two stars."
-David Attenborough
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

World's 1st Prosthetic Tail for an Alligator

Mr. Stubbs, an american alligator that lost its tail 8 years ago, is finally getting another chance at living on its own. It has been fitted with a 3 feet long prosthetic tail. The alligator just got the tail, and is still getting used to swimming on its own, and it will learn in time. This just shows that we have the power to save animals, we just need to use that power.

Lion Meat Ban

Lion meat? Most people have never heard of it, but sadly, it is true. There are some restaurants where they sell lion meat, and sometimes other wild animal meat, like bears. Many states have tried to ban lion trade, and others have proposed, but none have stopped it completely. In Meso, Arizona, a restaurant called Vinaio, sold lion patty burgers. Lion trade must be stopped. Not just lions, but all wild animals. Urge the people who can stop this to enforce this rule. It is needed if we want to save the Earth.