"It is that range of biodiversity that we must care for - the whole thing - rather than just one or two stars."
-David Attenborough
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

California Blue Whales Returning

The Blue Whale, the world's biggest animals, were in danger of extinction as a result of whaling. We then highly enforced the protection of these massive animals. As a result blue whales are rebounding from that disaster and have almost returned to good numbers. the downside is that researchers have only seen blue whales in California returning. Still, they are very close to returning to normal numbers, which is vital to keep the ecosystem stable. 

Chinese Sturgeon on Brink of Extinction

The Chinese sturgeon is thought to be 140 million years old. 32 years ago, researchers started tracking the fish because its numbers drastically decreased. Because of water pollution, the number were falling even more. Last year, there were no reports of Chinese sturgeon breeding in wild. Chinese sturgeon are at a dangerously low number. Not only them, other animals in the Yangtze river like the finless porpoise are in danger of extinction.

Ban on Circus Animals

Recently, the Mexican Legislature passed a bill banning circus animals in Mexico. It is not signed by their president yet, but we are taking one more step towards saving the Earth. Some cities have already placed this ban, and if this bill is signed, then all cities in Mexico will have to enforce it. The bill states that circuses must publish what they will be using and make them available to zoos. Violation of this results in fines. Again, it is not official that the president of Mexico has signed it.

Wolves and Bears Making Comeback in Europe

Wolves and bears have been in danger all around the world for a very long time. The negative side is that the great lakes wolves have returned to the endangered species list. The positive side is that wolves and bears are making a comeback in Europe. The population of wolves is now doubled the amount in the US. In fact, they are making a comeback near densely populated cities. The more effort we put to protecting animals like these, the more we can guarantee their safety.

World's Largest Earwig becomes Extinct

You may know what an earwig is. An earwig is an insect found all throughout the world. They have 2 pincers on their abdomen and is nocturnal. One specific species of earwig is the topic. The st. Helena giant earwig, the world's largest earwig (8cm), was declared extinct. The earwig has been endangered since 1960, when deforestation forced them to move. Now, because we didn't take the appropriate response to the problem, they have become extinct.

Life in Mariana Trench Revealed

On December 6, researchers at the University of Aberdeen put a camera at the bottom of the mariana trench, over 5 miles deep. What they saw was very peculiar. Watch the video to find out what lurks down there.