"It is that range of biodiversity that we must care for - the whole thing - rather than just one or two stars."
-David Attenborough
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

West Nile Virus Strikes Animals in North America

Thousands of birds, horses, and humans have been hit by West Nile Virus across North America since 1999, when it was first discoverd. In case you don't know, West Nile Virus is a virus found in 48 species of mosquitos, 250 species of birds, and 18 species of mammals. The USGS is trying to learn more about West Nile Virus. They are also joining with other agencies for help. People aren't sure of the ways West Nile virus is affecting wildlife, but the NWHC (National Wildlife Health Center) is working on studies to research West Nile Virus. So, to be safe, wash your hands, and stay  clean because one of those 18 species of mammals affected by West Nile Virus are humans.

Hawk With Nail in Head Rescued

The hawk with the nail in its head has been found and had later been brought to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley and has been healing for the past few days. During its transport after it had been capured, the nail had fallen out with no trauma or bleeding. WildRescue had been notified after several attempts to capture it had failed. The rescuers that tried to save it had used a trap called the bal-chatri. The bal-chatri is a trap made of a wire mesh. A reward of 10,000 dollars has been offered for information on the arrest and conviction of whoever harmed the bird. Next time you see an animal in crisis, take the initiative, and call the nearest animal rescue or wildlife center.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Javan Rhino Extinct in Vietnam

On October 25, 2011, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and the IRF (International Rhino Foundation) concluded that one of the subspecies of the Javan Rhino is extinct in Vietnam. There are two subspecies, the Indonesian and the Vietnamese. The WWF also says that the last rhino was shot in the leg by a poacher. Poachers hunt rhinos for the ivory in their horn. Many other animals are endangered because of poaching like the tiger, the elephant, the seal, and lots more. But there are still 40 Javan Rhinos in a National Park in Indonesia. The WWF is working to save these rhinos by protecting them from poachers. Remember to buy no endangered animal by-products because they could be last of their kind.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seaweed Killing Coral

Georgia Tech have been doing expirements in the ocean. They have recently found out that seaweed also kills coral. Other coral killing objects are heat, pollution, and even sunscreen. They found that some seaweed cause coral bleaching and give off anti-coral chemicals. For the past decades, scientists have found coral reefs being dominated by seaweed, but they aren't sure if algae is also to blame. Don't think that seaweed is useless, because scientists thik it has a reson to live.
Coral reef picture: A scientist prepares coral colonies for an experiment.

Deer Stuck in Rope Swing

In Auburn, California, a deer got stuck in a rope swing. The deer got its antlers tangled in rope and it couldn't get out. The deer struggled and struggled, but nothing worked. Soon, the game warden came and tranquilzed it in order to cut it loose. After cutting it loose, they cut off the antlers so hunters won't follow its release. The deer woke up shaky, they say it will be fine. Remember to keep your environment safe so if a wild animal comes, it won't get trapped.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rescue Group Searches for Hawk

A Rescue Group has been searching for a hawk in San Francisco. This Hawk is so important because it has a nail stuck in its head. When researchers saw the hawk, they saw that it had been shot by a nail gun intentionally. They also noticed it had a lot of pain. It was having trouble eating a squirrel, which is supposed to be easy. The rescuers have set traps to catch the bird. The hawk is protected because of the law, and consequences are 6 months in jail, with a $15,000 fine. If you see the Red-tailed Hawk with the nail in its head, contact the WildRescue at 831-429-2323 or at rescue@wildrescue.org. They are also offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the man who shot the bird, and conviction of whoever harmed the bird. Be sure to keep an eye out for it. It may just have chance to survive.

Lions and Tigers shot in Ohio

In Zanesville, Ohio, 50 wild animals were shot. 18 tigers and 17 lions were just some of them. The owner let the animals loose and then commited suicide moments afterward. The inhabitants of Zanesville hid in there houses until all the animals were killed. Terry Thompson, owner of the Muskingum County Animal Farm , is to blame. Police armed with guns went out to shoot these animals. So far, 48 animals are dead, 3 leopards, a grizzly bear, and 2 monkeys were sent to Columbus Zoo, a monkey still on the loose, and 6 black bears, 2 grizzlies, a wolf, a baboon, and 3 mountain lions were found dead and were buried at the Animal Farm. So remember, don't go hurting animals unless it is needed.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Lucky Squirrels

In the MLB, the St. Louis Cardinals four lucky charms. What is the lucky charm?,you may ask yourself. Well, it's not a four leaf clover or a horshoe. The lucky charms are squirrels. The St. Louis Cardinals captured them and brought them to Busch Stadium as their Rally Squirrels. During their game against the Phillies, the squirrels ran off onto the field. The Cardinals lost that game, 2-3, but in game 4, they started doing their job. Right when the Phillies threw a pitch, a squirrel would run onto home plate. The Phillies complained to the umpire that the squirrel distracted him, but he still declared it a ball. So, the next time you see a squirrel, think about how it might bring you luck.

Gorilla Saved from Poachers

In the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), a group of rangers acted as a black market gorilla buyers. They found the baby male gorilla unharmed in a backpack, and arrested the poachers for trying to sell the gorilla for 40,000 US dollars. Shamavu, the gorilla was named after the rescuer, Christian Shamavu.Shamavu is the fourth baby gorilla the Virunga Rangers have rescued in a year. This is the highest number record, meaning that gorillas are in big trouble, not that they already are in trouble. Gorillas are very endangered because of poaching. Many people think gorillas are vicious, but american zoologist Diane Fossey showed that gorillas can be vicious, but that they are very much like you and I. Many rangers and not to mention animal-lovers are very concerned about poachers, but the Virunga Rangers are doing everything they can to save gorillas like Shamavu.

Baby gorilla picture: Shamavu with the ranger who rescued him from poachers near Virunga National Park, Congo

Oil Spill in New Zealand

New Zealand oil spill picture: oiled bird

On Tuesday, the Liberian oil tanker called the Rena, ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef,spilling millions of gallons of oil. The oil reached many beaches in New Zealand, turning them into black lagoons. Many of the animals here are already aff ected by the oil. Some
people even say that the oil spill is the country's worst maritime environmental disaster. But, its not only the beaches that are in danger. The Great Barrier Reef is home to many species of fish, and many are endangered, like the fur seal, which is endangered from hunting. Bad weather is stopping people from reaching the oil tanker, which is a hazard to the ocean. The ship lies fourteen miles offshore. This was a very tragic accident, and it is our job to stop dangers in the animal world.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Surfer saves Great White Shark

Surfer-zoomIn Venice Beach,CA, a surfer found a baby Great White. The surfer grabbed the shark and tried to help it. The shark had a fishing hook in its mouth, and it had to come out. Judging by the size, the surfers guessed that the shark was very young, at only 3 feet long. The surfer put his hand in the mouth of the creature and pulled out the hook. After that, the released it into the water. Nobody knows if the shark survived, but at least it got a chance to live.

Baby Wallaby Falls out of Mother's Pouch

WallabyJoeyMEDA joey named Trinka got rejected from its mother. People found the baby Wallaby and found it a new home. San Diego Zoo now is Trinka's new home. Trinka recieves 4 feedings a day, and some time to play. At first, when Trinka was found, she wieghed 2 ounces, but now it is gaining wieght. Trinka also had no body hairs, and its ears were still pinned to its head when it was first found. The baby Wallaby, Trinka now loves its new home. Remember that almost every animal should get a chance to live.

New Dolphin Species Found

A picture of a dolphin swimming in Melbourne's Port Phillip BayOff the coast of Australia, near Sydney, a new dolphin species was found. The new dolphin species was named the Burrunan Dolphin. It got its name from the Aboriginal phrase that means "Large sea fish of the porpoise kind". In Port Phillip Bay, near Melbourne, 100 Burrunan Dolphins were found. Related to this, scientists did some DNA tests on Bottlenose Dolphins. The results showed that there are actually 2 different types of Bottlenose Dolphins, the Common Bottlenose Dolphin and the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin. So remember that there is a whole world of unknown animals.

New Life-forms Discovered in Dead Sea

Dead Sea life picture: A diver holds a rock from a Dead Sea spring.At the bottom of the Dead Sea, a group of scientists found many giant craters spewing fresh water. The Dead Sea lies in between the countries Isreal, and Jordan. At 100 ft. below sea level, they found craters 33ft wide, and 43 ft. deep. "The craters were covered with films and suprisingly thick mats of new bacterial species", says Marine Microbiologist Danny Ionescu of Max Planck Institute in Germany. The scientists found these craters by looking for big groups of bubbles. "It's a very unique experience", says Ionescu. Who knows what we will see next.