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-David Attenborough
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Coati Rescued From Warehouse

In a Denver Warehouse, a coati was set free by its owner, thinking it wouldn't make a good pet. In case if you don't know what a coati is, a coati, also known as the Brazilian Aardvark, is a relative of the raccoon. Coatis are 13-27 in. long, weigh 4.4-18 lbs, have sharp teeth and live in Central America. Coatis are usually brown  or black, and have a white and brown stripes on its tail. Some people found this baby Coati and named it Maurice. They took Maurice to the vet to check if it was healthy. They also found out it is illegal to keep the young Coati, so they started calling humane societies and animal control officials to find it a home. They finally found the Denver Wild Animal Sanctuary, where they had 5 Coatis. Maurice was brought to the sanctuary and is living happy with its new family and home.

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