"It is that range of biodiversity that we must care for - the whole thing - rather than just one or two stars."
-David Attenborough
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Javan Rhino Extinct in Vietnam

On October 25, 2011, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and the IRF (International Rhino Foundation) concluded that one of the subspecies of the Javan Rhino is extinct in Vietnam. There are two subspecies, the Indonesian and the Vietnamese. The WWF also says that the last rhino was shot in the leg by a poacher. Poachers hunt rhinos for the ivory in their horn. Many other animals are endangered because of poaching like the tiger, the elephant, the seal, and lots more. But there are still 40 Javan Rhinos in a National Park in Indonesia. The WWF is working to save these rhinos by protecting them from poachers. Remember to buy no endangered animal by-products because they could be last of their kind.

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